Build a website that brings you new clients!

And… looks good, is easy to update, and lets you get back to doing what you love: teach!

But, you’re not a “tech person” and websites are complicated and a total time-suck.

You’d hire out but are worried you’re going to get ripped off. Am I right?

Brad Crowell, co-founder of Profitable Pilates (and former owner of a website development company), is hosting a live webinarto help you confidently create or hire someone to build your website.

Join us live Dec 3, 2023 from 11am-12pm PT, or watch the replay for 3 days after.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  • How to attract your ideal client, repel the ones you’re not suited for and gain your time back!
  • By nailing down your messaging is not easy but once you know it, the website copy writes itself.
  • Avoiding wasting time learning how to build a site, and instead writing really amazing copy and taking killer photos, and communicating intelligently with a web designer

Avoid building a site that people bounce off of!

PP Webinar Pilates Websites that Bring You New Clients - Profitable Pilates

About Brad Crowell

You could easily spend up to 100 hours learning and fumbling your way through building a site on your own. Instead you could have been teachnig and made close to $10k! Or, you could spend time with Brad, who has spent thousands of hours learning, conceptualizing, creating, and building websites for himself, his clients, and ultimately his business – all for only 37 bucks – and be equipped with the knowledge of how to direct a web designer, and what content they’ll need you to prep for them.

Brad has spent more than 2500 hours over the past 10 years planning and building websites, managing clients, and coaching others on their sites. He and his team currently manage,, and 

Brad Crowell manages the day-to-day operations and the team at Lesley Logan Pilates, Inc., a company focused on “more bodies taking Pilates.” The three brands,, and, respectively focus on Pilates classes online, fitness business coaching and Pilates retreats. Brad is a business development specialist focusing in operational work flow, social media marketing and relationship building. He is comfortable as the organizational lead in a project management setting. He also has over 6 years of experience managing online interaction for multiple brands, from online marketplaces to social networking to healthcare to music. His fields of expertise include user experience and interface design, SEO, community development and account management. Specialties: Functionality and User Interface Design for websites, Account Management, Developing work flow processes, Business Administration, Operations Management.